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South Asian Arts-uk (SAA-uk) is a centre of excellence in Indian classical music and dance. Since June 1997, they have been a pioneering Charity organisation, focused on celebrating South Asian arts, as well as pushing the boundaries of how traditional and contemporary expressions are taught, performed, and experienced by audiences. 

SPOTLIGHT is our talent development programme to use our experts to shine a light on underrepresented creators rooted in diverse music genres, who want to explore new expressions and challenge perceptions.

A minimum of 4 creators will be given the opportunity to use their music creation skills to work on one of 4 projects that are in the pipeline, including cross-cultural exploration, digital/technological artistic pieces, and composing opportunities for 18-25 young creators.

To succeed and carve out a creative career we are excited and about being a connector with industry experts to provide professional insight through one-to-one bespoke and joint online sessions to access practical advice and guidance of complex subjects such as self-marketing, funding, and securing funding, setting up a business and managing a portfolio career. This is an incredible opportunity to not only flex those creative muscles, but also plug any knowledge gaps and gain invaluable industry tips and tricks.

Read more about our 4 SPOTLIGHT Commissions below!

Expatriates: Sialkot to Cyprus

Making It My Own

Alexa, Stop

Global Stories

SAA-uk is a
PRS Foundation Talent Development Partner supported by PPL and in association with Youth Music
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