SPOTLIGHT: Humankind vs Technology

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SPOTLIGHT: Humankind vs Technology

Humankind vs. Technology

Humankind vs. Technology is a unique exploration of the pitfalls of dependence on technology, and a celebration of what it means to be human, created and portrayed through Indian music and dance.

Kathak artist
Jyoti Manral was astonished to hear her daughter's first words, instead of 'Mama' or 'Papa', to be 'Alexa stop!'. This in turn triggered a journey of introspection, re-evaluation and examination of the ways that technology creeps into our lives and relationships without us being aware.

Jyoti is joined in creative collaboration witih sound artist Sarah Sayeed, together creating immersive soundscapes and a contemporary dance piece weaving through  themes of humanity, dependence and artificial intelligence.

Jyoti Manral
Sarah Sayeed

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