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Arnab Chakrabarty

Toronto-based musician Arnab Chakrabarty (b. 1980) is one of the top ranking sarod players in the world today.

Trained in the orthodox Lucknow and Shahjahanpur stylistic idioms, Arnab has studied with such luminaries as Dr Kalyan Mukherjea, Ustad Irfan Muhammad Khan and Pandit Buddhadev Dasgupta. Since 1998, Arnab has performed all over the world in a touring career spanning 35 countries and over 850 professional concerts.

​​​​​​Chakrabarty's performances, academic engagements and musical achievements have taken him to leading concert halls and festivals across the globe. Some of these include:
  • Concerts at Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), National Centre for the Performing Arts (Mumbai), Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Silk Road Festival (Damascus), Trafó Theatre (Budapest), Bridgewater Hall (Manchester), and Saptak Festival (Ahmedabad) among scores more.
  • Talks on Hindustani Music at Leeds University, Syracuse University, College of William & Mary, University of Texas (Arlington), California State University (SLO), Bard College and several other institutions.
  • Internalisation of two traditional streams of sarod playing and their embodied repertoire of raga alaap and more than 500 gat compositions in all.
Some of Arnab's additional activities include:
  • Designing instruments, sarods and derivative instruments in collaboration with luthiers Naba Kumar Kanji and Ed Powell. In a close partnership with Naba Kanji, Arnab has done much to refine the ergonomics and tonal quality of the sarod. These include changes and additions to structural elements, radiator shape, neck design, action and tuning mechanisms. 
  • As a teacher, Arnab has achieved the distinction of having mentored more than one sarod player to a high professional standard of ragadari and musicianship.
  • As an occasional music writer, Arnab has the rare gift of being able to interview musicians using a sensitive and subject focused line of questioning. He also explored writing articles on Hindustani music for the Indian magazine, Scroll.


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Navratri ("nine nights" in Sanskrit) is one of the greatest Hindu festivals symbolising the triumph of good over evil, dedicated to Mother Goddess Durga.


A 15th-century poet-saint, musician and devotee of Krishna

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