SPOTLIGHT 2021 (Part 3): Sialkot to Cyprus


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SPOTLIGHT 2021 (Part 3): Sialkot to Cyprus

Expatriates: Sialkot to Cyprus

Expatriates: Sialkot to Cyprus explores shared influences, heritage and music from Indo-Greek roots that have paved the way for cross-cultural appreciation and collaboration for years.

Christella Litras, accomplished singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, joins forces with Greek musicians Sofia Charalambous and Dimitris Menexopoulos, and Indian musicians Kirpal Singh Panesar and Shahbaz Hussain, to create a musical journey like no other.

Christella's fascination first came out of hearing Greek artists sing songs from India that were translated into Greek, and decided to use this incident as a springboard for a musical project celebrating and delving into diverse but beautifully interconnected cultures and art forms.

Christella Litras
Sofia Charalambous
Dimitris Menexopoulos
Kirpal Singh Panesar
Shahbaz Hussain

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