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Baithak LIVE

This April we are introducing Baithak* LIVE - SAA-uk's live streamed concert series, bringing the very best music and dance to your front room. 

With the emergence of COVID-19 and the introduction of lockdown measures in the UK, creative people and artists have been affected. However, we at SAA-uk have come up with an initiative to play our part in ensuring artists and their art forms continue to thrive in the face of adversity. 

Ultimately, at SAA-uk we believe that social distancing shouldn't lead to social disconnection. For us, it is of the utmost importance to support artists through these unprecedented times, ensure we help people overcome their anxiety with rich and diverse entertainment, and create new opportunities for connection. Baithak LIVE aspires to be a practical alternative to live performances in venues, providing artists with a digital space where they can give talks, do workshops, perform as a soloist or as a group, all from their own living room.

SAA-uk's Baithak LIVE shows will take place initially from April to July 2020. This live streamed performance series has two main slots:
Thursday Night LIVE: for Music and Dance performances (at least 4 in a month) on Thursdays at 7pm GMT via Instagram live ,
Sacred Sounds for Humanity: Sunday Morning performances (at least 2 in a month) on Sundays at 11am GMT via Facebook live.

The April calendar goes as follows:
THU 9th - Kaviraj Singh, Santoor Song - Instagram and YouTube Live at 7pm GMT
THU 16th - Dr. Vijay Rajput, Hindustani Classical Vocals - Instagram Live at 7pm GMT
SUN 19th - Kirit Singh, Dhrupad: A Morning Meditation - YouTube Live at 11am GMT
THU 23rd - Tanya Wells and Paulo Vinícius, Celebrate the coming of Spring with Seven Eyes - Live at 7pm GMT
SUN 26th - Sayani Ghosh, Homage to the Divine: in conversation with Odissi - Live at 11am GMT
THU 30th - Baluji Shrivastav OBE, Vasant, Spring Equinox - Live at 7pm GMT

* The word baithak is inspired by the tradition of intimate concerts of Indian classical music, usually held in a person's private home with an audience of around 10-30 people.

You cannot book this event online.

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