Preface: South Asian Heritage Month

Before we begin, we feel obliged to let you know that this story has no end, for as long as the hands of time chime, new chapters will be written… 
- D.D & P.K.J 


We each have our stories to tell. Its content may be enough to furnish the pages of a novel, and other times they may exist as jagged shards of memory passed down from loved ones that have seen the world decades before us.  

South Asian Heritage month is upon us, and this year the theme is ‘stories to tell'. From snapshots of Partition remembered through the eyes of a 9-year-old, to a musician's journey to embracing their British Asian culture with the aid of the tabla, in this 4-chapter series we are travelling across generations, the subcontinent, and beyond. Exploring stories told through music, poetry, conversations and more, we are celebrating the many expressions of South Asian heritage. 

And for you, who has surely already assumed your position as reader, we feel obliged to let you know that the role of storyteller is one we have reserved for you. You may not fancy yourself as the Wordsworth type, though, rest assured, the art of storytelling is universal. You see, for centuries stories have been told and passed down through paintings, rhythms, and even beloved family recipes. They can come in the form of a thousand words or none at all. Nevertheless, they tell us something about who came before us and who we are, and these stories deserve to be told.  

For our final chapter, we hope you will tell us your stories of South Asian heritage and culture by sharing with us any material, be it a poem you have penned, or a picture that brings to mind a special memory. Together, we will collect all of our stories as a digital scrapbook that will become a place for our stories to be shared, laughed and cried over, and never lost.  

Coming soon: Chapter 1- Artists Off Stage 


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