Keeping Arts Alive

Keeping South Asian Arts alive and thriving for generations to come is at the heart of what we do. 

It is a vision that holds a special significance to many across the world who share in our belief that access to enriching and diverse artistic experiences should be a fundamental right granted for all.  

But during this difficult period that sees the nation plunged into uncertainty, the creative opportunities available, particularly for young and aspiring artists, dangerously teeter on the brink of decline.  

Having seen the power that the arts bring, transforming our SAA-uk academy students into flourishing artists that take on prolific stages across the world, it is as vital as ever to us that we continue to invest in their bright futures. And through the provision of free to hire instruments for anyone joining our academies, we aim to ensure that the cost-of-living crisis does not isolate any person from the wonderful opportunities to learn, create, and succeed.  

This fight isn't one we can do alone, and it is with your generous support that we can continue to make a real difference to the lives, culture, and future. Your contributions will help in our mission to nurture talent through supporting our music and dance academies, instrument repair and more.  

Please consider making a £5 suggested donation below. If this is not possible, we are incredibly grateful for any support you can give, such as sharing our work with friends and family, attending our special events, following our social media and more, it all makes a powerful difference!

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