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Chapel FM Musicathon


Join Us for Chapel FM's Musicathon: A 24-Hour Musical Extravaganza!

Experience the vibrant talent of Leeds at Chapel FM's Musicathon, a one-of-a-kind 24-hour music festival celebrating our city's musical diversity. This year's Musicathon will kick off on Saturday, 27th July, at Seacroft Village Green, featuring local acts like Yorkshire Imperial Band, Capela do Samba, and more. The festivities will continue indoors at Chapel FM's Arts Centre from 7pm, where music will fill the air all night until 2pm on Sunday, 28th July.

    Special Performance by South Asian Arts-uk

    We are thrilled to announce that SAA-uk's exceptional artists, trained through our prestigious Music Academy, will be part of this dynamic musical celebration. Catch our performance between 8pm and 8:45pm in Chapel FM's beautifully renovated theatre, a former chapel turned radio studio and live music venue.

    When and Where:

    • Start: Saturday, 27th July, 2pm-7pm at Seacroft Village Green.
    • Continuing: Indoors at Chapel FM Arts Centre from 7pm, all night long until Sunday, 28th July, 2pm.
    • SAA-uk performance: 8pm-8:45pm.

    Featured Performances at Chapel FM's Musicathon

    Strum the Santoor: A captivating duet by Sukhraj Singh on Santoor, accompanied by Ahmed Iqbal on Tabla. An enchanting blend of strings and percussion, showcasing the intricate training from our Music Academy. 

    Sounds of Sitar: A mesmerizing quintet featuring Simran Kaur and Subhan Iqbal on Sitar, accompanied by Tabla, presenting the rhythmic mastery developed under our expert guidance.

    Percussion Heaven: An exhilarating quartet performance on Tabla by Sukhraj Singh Virdee, Ahmed Iqbal, Jujjar Singh, and Sukhraj Singh, with nagma on Sitar by Kirtan Kaur.

    Meet the Talented Musicians:

    • Eight young musicians from SAA-uk Music Academy and Yorkshire Young Musicians, trained by leading exponents Ustad Harjinderpal, Sri John Ball, Luke Red-Williams, and Kirtan Kaur, will be showcasing their talents.
    • These young artists have been honing their skills for over five years.
    • Kirtan Kaur, SAA-uk's Junior Sitar Tutor, began her musical journey at the age of four and has been instrumental in training the young sitarists, alongside Luke Red-Williams.

    Join us to witness the musical prowess of these dedicated young artists, nurtured by the finest mentors in the field.

    Discover Your Musical Journey with SAA-uk's Summer School

    Inspired by these performances? If you or anyone in the city wants to learn to play instruments like Santoor, Sitar, or Tabla, head over to SAA-uk's Summer School. Our Summer School offers an incredible opportunity to dive into the world of South Asian music, guided by our experienced tutors. 

    Join us at Chapel FM's Musicathon to witness the talent nurtured by SAA-uk, and embark on your own musical journey with our Summer School. Don't miss out on this chance to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of South Asian music and discover the beauty of our musical traditions.

    For more information about our Summer School and how to enroll, visit SAA-uk Summer School.

    Come, be a part of this unforgettable musical journey at Chapel FM's Musicathon and start your own at SAA-uk's Summer School!

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