Baithak LIVE / International Dance Day

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Baithak LIVE / International Dance Day

Baithak LIVE / International Dance Day
THU 29 APRIL 2021
from 8pm GMT on our
YouTube channel

For International Dance Day 2021, we have an incredible Baithak LIVE performance for you!

Santosh Menon, acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer, SAA-uk Dance Tutor and founder of Kshetra Dance Company, presents 'Dancing Deities': a production that pays homage to the divine creators and gatekeepers of South Asian classical dance.

With a stellar live recording featuring 4 musicians, 11 dancers, and more, Dancing Deities is a celebration of the origin of over 3,000 year old South Asian dance forms. This 50-minute production explores and celebrates some of the most famous deities of India, such as Lord Shiva (as Nataraj), Goddess Kali, Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesha (as Vinayaki).

In a subversive twist on traditional depictions of these figures of Hinduism, Kshetra Dance Company depicts these deities in a new light: as the embodiments of strength, softness, intensity and generosity against the backdrop of narratives from ancient India.

Performance programme:
1) Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, presented as Vinayaki (the female form)
2) Lord Nataraja (Shiva), composition by Thyagaraja
3) Goddess Kali's tandav dance
4) Lord Krishna, thillana composition

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* The word baithak is inspired by the tradition of intimate concerts of Indian classical music, usually held in a person's private home with an audience of around 10-30 people.

Supported by Arts Council England, Kala Sangam, Annapurna Indian Dance, New Dimensions Arts Management and Kshetra Dance Company

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