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Vrata Chigateri

Vrata Chigateri is a Yorkshire-based artist specialising in the Kuchipudi dance form that originates from Andhra Pradesh, India. Vrata has undertaken extensive training with her teacher Guru Vyjayanthi Kashi, since 1996, and has since toured in India with her as a performing artist, performed on national television, and currently works as a Kuchipudi teacher and choreographer.

Vrata collaborated with Seetal Kaur for our SHAKTI: The Woman concert for our LEAP 2020 festival, creating choreography and arranging the music to present a performance paying homage to the divine female figures of Indian mythology. Read more about the LEAP festival here.


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A Tanpura is a long necked plucked 4 or 5 string instrument used to create a continual drone to accompany the main music.

Hola Mohalla

A Sikh festival celebrating ancient martial arts and battle-dance.

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