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Sukhmani Kaur Rayat

Sukhmani Kaur Rayat is a skilled and talented musician, who has broken the mould as one of the only young female tabla players to emerge from the British Asian classical music scene. Sukhmani goes against the traditional expectations of women in music and stands her ground as a dynamic and engaging musician - testament to her unfaltering commitment and passion towards the artform.

Sukhmani Kaur Rayat grew up in the United Kingdom as a student of Bhupinder Singh Chaggar who himself represents the rich stylistic school known as the Banaras Gharana of tabla playing, and Pandit Sharda Sahai of the Banares Gharana style of tabla playing. Her tabla artistry is powerful, passionate, and full of prana. Sukhmani's playing has been featured on many recordings, including her prominent presence on Ajeet Kaur's albums. She has toured with Ajeet for nearly five years, while also continuing her career as a classical tabla player. Sukhmani has also accompanied the world-famous Snatam Kaur, most notably for their performance at the 2019 Grammy Awards in California. She has since gained international acclaim as one of the only female tabla players to emerge from the British Asian Classical music scene, and has toured and performed with other prominent musicians within the World and New Age music genres.

Sukhmani is also a creative and dedicated teacher of tabla, rhythm, and groove, and is passionate about giving people an experience of their inner rhythm to deepen and develop their own spiritual practice.


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The ninth month of the Islamic calendar observed by Muslims as a month fasting, focusing on reflection, community and devotion.


A dance rooted in antiquity and religious art linking to temples and spiritual belief; performance is expressed with rhythmic gestures as sign language to mime a story.

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