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Saphwat Simab

Saphwat Simab has shown a striking mastery over the rubab ever since the age 13 years old, when beckoned to the national instrument of Afghanistan by a glint of curiosity sparked by from the sight of his father's playing of the instrument, the start of his own musical legacy was born.

As a disciple of rubab virtuoso Ustad Homayoun Sakhi of Afghanistan, Saphwat's innate musical prowess was given room to thrive under a learning environment bursting with the profound experience and knowledge held by his mentor.

Now regarded as a virtuoso in his own right, Saphwat's nimble navigation of the strings of the rubab have enchanted audiences across the world.
His regal music has been sought to embellish the spaces of prestigious venues. This includes his 2022 performances at The Nehru Centre and the Cowbridge Music Festival, the latter of which saw him share the stage with Ustad Shahbaz Hussain in a performance that showcased the music from Afghanistan.
2022 has seen an unrelenting demand for Saphwat's music worldwide, with November seeing him perform at the Tehzeeb Festival in Pakistan alongside an impressive list of eminent classical, folk, and Sufi music artists. Earlier in the year, Saphwat appeared as a guest performer at the Spitalfields Music Festival which presented music composed by Afghan artists in exile or hiding, performed by the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra.

Saphwat's early career history is equally impressive as he performed at the famed British Museum in 2021, Queen Elizabeth Hall, and the National Court Theatre, to name a few.


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