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Parbati Chaudhury

Parbati Chaudhury is a London-born and based performer-teacher-maker specialising in kathak, whose training continues with Smt. Urja Desai Thakore.

Parbati conceptualises and echoes both contemporary and classical narratives using dance rooted in kathak while drawing on aspects of theatre in collaboration with musicians and composers. Her piece, Fader, was praised by critics at Resolution 2020. 

She regularly features in Pagrav Dance Company, Akademi and Kadam productions, and performed in Amina Khayyam Dance Company's SLUT at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017. In 2015, Parbati was the winner of two national youth dance performance awards: Akademi's Yuva Kathak Solo; and Milapfest's Yuva Nritya Ratna Award.

Parbati has also pursued initiatives to nurture her explorative, creative interests. In 2017, she presented an original piece of choreography – Growing pains R&D - commissioned by Akademi at the Southbank Centre's Alchemy festival and collaborated with visual artists Chila Kumari Burman and Emily Briselden-Waters on their respective works set on film. In 2018, Parbati was awarded a residency from Kala Sangam over which she delved into the beginnings of a new work, Goodgirl R&D, looking into the influence of cultural expectations and conditioned assumptions, exploring how they can impact choices of partner and the sex lives of South Asian women.

The development of Goodgirl R&D resumed in February and will continue alongside the creation of an exquisite, new classical solo work featuring live music supported by a year-long residency at Space Clarence Mews. Parbati is also extremely grateful to be a member of the recently formed ReRooted Dance Collective who uphold their connections to a rich dance heritage while carving out an independent, collaborative space in the arts scene nurturing curiosity, experimentation and excellence.

As a teacher, Parbati leads kathak classes for Pagrav Dance Company, as well as independently, and is the Kathak Lead Artist at CAT-Yuva Gati. Finally, Parbati is a member of DanceFTF, a sector-support initiative which emerged from the Freelance Taskforce established in 2020. 


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An ancient form of Indian classical singing that focuses on spirituality and is solemn in nature.

Giddha Boliyan

A popular folk dance of women in the Punjab, usually combined with Boliyan as the singing at Punjabi celebrations, festivals and weddings.

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