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Nitin Amin

Nitin Amin is an Indian classical flautist, beginning his artistic journey as an engineer.

While working for 14 years as part of a multinational corporation, Nitin slowly discovered the possibilities of exploring Gayaki on the flute as a hobby. With the help of his engineering skills, he made modifications onto his instrument and was able to learn the Gayaki style. After devoting so much time to the bansuri, he realised it was time to commit, and so, he quit his job and focused entirely on his music. 

Nitin enrolled for the Master's degree in Music at the Centre for performing arts at Pune University and during the two years at the centre, he worked on the subject of listener education, and designed an elaborate “Music Acquaintance Program”, which was delivered as an extensive workshop with a vocalist friend. Nitin eventually found his present Gurus: Pt Suresh Talwalkar to begin with and now Smt. Padma Talwalkar, and Nitin soon began to find the answers he was looking for.

Nitin Amin has said about his transformation to music – “The last few years have been most blissful. I tremendously enjoy my riyaz, each day beginning anew with a small challenge. Regular sessions with Padmatai ensure that the challenges keep coming.”

Nitin has performed with SAA-uk in 2019 with the ‘Call of Spring with Nitin Amin' concert and serenaded the crowd with his music both in Seven Arts, Leeds, and with the young Minster Minstrel musicians learning with the National Centre for Early Music, in York.


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