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Kinaara are a Leeds trio exploring the connections between the music of Punjab and the West. Brought together by singer Satnam Galsian in 2018.

Kinaara aim to achieve an identity that reflects both Satnam's Punjabi heritage and the band's UK upbringing as a whole. They began with the folk songs of Surinder Kaur and the popular songs of Noor Jehan which they infuse with John Hogg's electric guitar textures and the jazz inflections of drummer, Simon Henry.

The next stage was to bring in the songs from the West, songs of hope and betrayal, and plug them in. Pentangle, Elvin Jones and even The Velvet Underground have been said to be felt in the sound. Kinaara released their debut EP ‘Across The River' in April.

‘….something that is both a fusion and something not of any of those things – a new musical form.' - Local Sound Focus

‘Kinaara are not simply an East meets West outing; Kinaara are discovering bonds at the heart of two cultures and they invite us to celebrate this through their music.' - John Boocock



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Hola Mohalla

A Sikh festival celebrating ancient martial arts and battle-dance.


A depiction of the Hindu God ‘Shiva' as the divine dancer.

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