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Harkiran Sahota

Being enthralled by the sound and artistry of tabla from a young age, Harkiran has been a keen fanatic of the rich artform for nearly 20 years.

Starting by learning the basics from his father, Surendar Singh Sahota, and playing for fun until the age of 16, Harkiran's journey in Tabla began seriously in 2014 when he became the disciple of the world renowned tabla maestro Pandit Sanju Sahai. From 2014 until now, Harkiran's tabla journey has been one of growth and learning with some notable performances along the way, including accompanying artists such as
Jasdeep Singh Degun, whilst also performing at many Guru Poornima ceremonies. Harkiran was featured on the web series “My Journey and Me” in August 2020, performing a tabla solo and was invited to perform a tabla solo live on Barkat Radio in 2020. Throughout the past 7 years Harkiran has enjoyed experiencing performing with vocalists, sarangi, santoor, sitar, banjo, saxophone and piano.
As well as a love for tabla, Harkiran is also a student of sitar, studying under the legendary maestro Ustad Dharambir Singh Dhadyalla since 2011. Throughout this time, Harkiran had the opportunity to perform a sitar jugalbandi with his sister at Ustad jis birthday in 2013, as well as at The Peepul Centre in Leicester in 2015.

To further deepen his understanding of ragas, gayaki and khayal, Harkiran studied Indian Classical Vocal music and khayal with renowned maestro Sri Mukul Kulkarni for 3 years, performing at his Guru Poornima celebrations in 2016 and 2018 and providing vocal assistance to Sri Mukul Kulkarni at a concert in Milton Keynes. Harkiran has also been invited to provide tabla accompaniment to sitar maestros at Ustad Dharambir Singh's Guru Poornimas in 2018 and 2019. 


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Makar Sankranti

A festival in the Hindu calendar celebrating new beginnings and the Sun God, Surya


A classic ancient Indian instrument that is played while sitting with the instrument across the lap, and the strings are lightly stroked with a pair of light wooden mallets.

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