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Eeshar Singh

Leeds-based artist Eeshar Singh has been developing in musicianship since the age of 7. Eeshar brings a rare twist of modern Santoor techniques blended with the old, as instilled by his Guru, Ustad Harjinderpal Singh, through the traditional Guru-Shishya Parampara (teacher-student tradition).

Born and brought up in Yorkshire, Eeshar's love for Indian classical music started at the SAA-uk Hindustani Academy. Eeshar has since flourished as a musician and has been able to perform across the country for a wide range of programmes, including SAA-uk's own productions, Darbar's Mindfulness and Meditation concert series, and more. Eeshar has used his training to develop a unique approach to traditional Indian Classical Music through the development of rhythmical and melodic improvisation. ⁠⁠

Eeshar is currently one of 4 musicians who have won commissions as part of SAA-uk's PRS-funded SPOTLIGHT programme; 2022 will see Eeshar develop his craft and explore his musicality using the theme of Making It My Own through research and composition, culminating in a final performance next year. 


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Tar Shehani

A type of esraj (Indian bowed instrument) that has a similar sound to a violin


A Tanpura is a long necked plucked 4 or 5 string instrument used to create a continual drone to accompany the main music.

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