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Deepa Nair Rasiya

Deepa Nair Rasiya is an award-winning composer/vocalist; a world musician in Indian classical music, semi-classic music, rock fusion, and Sufi music.  

Deepa grew up listening to her south Indian devotional music being played throughout her home on her father's Grundig music system in London. By the age of six, she was in India, and soon fell in love with Carnatic music, and by the age of seven, she gave her first performance at prestigious concert venue in Trivandrum. 

After her family's return to England, that halted Deepa's experience with Indian music, and from this, she allowed herself to study and fall in love with western music, listening not only to Anne Lennox, but Stevie wonder and symphonies and chamber music. 
In 1991, Deepa organised her own show at the Dominion Centre in Southall – doing everything from booking and setting up the hall, publicity work, booking and rehearsing with the musicians, organising sound and selling every ticket! It paid off – the hall was filled, and the event was covered in an article in the local paper! This was the first time She had worked with the pioneer Bhangra musician and UK record producer, Kuljit Bhamra, whom I worked with many times in the years that followed both in recording sessions and live performances.

The years that followed saw Deepa working as a session musician in numerous commercial recordings and as a concert performer across venues in the UK and more recently internationally, with collaborations with many a musician across genres. The highlight of my career has been the unbelievable opportunity she has had to work with the legends George Harrison of the Beatles and Pandit Ravi Shankar in 1996 on their incredible album ‘Chants of India'.


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