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Bhupinder Singh Chaggar

Bhupinder Singh Chaggar is an exceptional musician and dynamic tabla player based in Leeds UK. He is one of the leading disciples of the renowned Tabla maestro and Gharanadar of the Benares gharana, Pandit Sharda Sahai Ji, who is the direct descendant of Pandit Ram Sahai Ji, the founder of this Gharana.  

He has been learning his art in the traditional way of learning Indian Classical Music, the ‘Guru-Shishya parampara'. After rigorous training with his Guru Ji, Bhupinder was launched giving solo performances at the South Bank centre and in India. This was only the start for Bhupinder as he continued to progress and over the years performed alongside many established artists from varying musical backgrounds. His exhilarating solo performance in the esteemed Indian classical music festival 'Darbar' was highly praised by senior artists and audience alike with a standing ovation and was later televised on Sky Arts.
It was the influences of a vast array of music throughout his upbringing that gave him a wide musical awareness. He had the opportunity to study at Leeds College of Music where he spent much of his time 'jamming' and interacting with many musicians from varied geographical and musical backgrounds. This enriched his development and contributed to creating a unique style that is versatile, vibrant and lends itself well to a range of musical settings.

Bhupinder has performed on stage at concerts many times with SAA-uk, and he is the head of music at SAA-UK (South Asian Arts UK) and is the artistic director for the annual summer schools and is the Lead tutor/mentor at the ever growing 'Tabla camp'.  


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