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Sacred Music
Having given expression to sentiments of worship, praise, and even the yearnings of those seeking to attain spiritual guidance, the precious role that devotional music has played in enriching lives and faith has never diminished. 
It is a pillar of empowerment and strength for so many and that is why we have established SAA-uk's new sacred music classes, dedicated to helping you delve deep into the world of Kirtans, Shabads, and Bhajans. 
Whether you hope to find time for meditation and reflection through the practice of peaceful melodies, you are seeking to discover more about these ancient musical forms, or hope to deepen a closeness to faith, everyone is welcome to explore and learn.

Odissi Dance
With its precision, poise, and lyricism, Odissi dance sets graceful movements to melodious music to tell the stories and messages found in sacred Hindu text. 
Tracing its ancient origins to the Hindu temples of Odisha, this enchanting dance has captivated imaginations and hearts since the 2nd century BCE. 
For anyone curious about trying their hand at this wonderful artform, there is so much to gain and learn. From strengthening balance and agility, to discovering the many ways in which you can use careful gestures as powerful tools of expression and emotion, Odissi dance is one that connects you in body and mind.
Odissi is a great starting point for students of all ages and dance backgrounds, and we are excited for you to discover why it remains to be one of India's most beloved art forms.

To find out more and get involved in our new classes, please email or call 07494 028311


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Sacred Singing £2 per family | Odissi Dance £120 per 10-week term

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