Kal Mellor

Kal's Role

A significant part of Kal's role involves managing the SAA-uk academies, facilitating (now online) music and dance lessons and ensuring all students and tutors are fully supported. The administration, organisation of lessons and the handling of financial fees is managed by Kal. With extensive experience in advertising and graphic design, Kal designed SAA-uk's website and literature, giving her the combination of both creativity and administration. Kal regularly enjoys interacting with others, supporting and encouraging children on their instrumental and dance journeys.

What SAA-uk means to Kal:

“SAA-uk is a small organisation doing a lot of great work to keep the Indian traditions alive. If I can play any part in helping to sustain that vision, I definitely will. It creates amazing opportunities for people to learn all sorts of amazing things in a fantastic, inclusive environment. From the beginning to where the organisation has grown to now – I can't wait to see what the next level will be.”

In Kal's spare time…

For many years now, Kal has volunteered with Touchstone to improve the health and wellbeing of Sikh elders, by supporting them to live independently and to stay connected with others. Kal also has experience hosting singing sessions with various groups around Leeds with Dementia in the South Asian community.

Kal enjoys singing Indian songs and listening to traditional Indian music. Kal also advocates for creativity and staying active, as she has seen how rewarding it has been for young children, as well as adults.

E: education@saa-uk.org
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