Barbara Cardone

Barbara's Role

With a primary focus on marketing and fundraising, the overarching theme of Barbara's role is to let people know about SAA-uk and to invite them into the SAA-uk family! The role is not limited, as Barbara's tasks will often involve structuring programmes, events, working with partners, local newspapers and other websites, working on both non-digital and digital engagement supporting the promotion of SAA-uk. Another important part of Barbara's role is facilitating a relationship with the University of Leeds, to help encourage culture on campus and to connect more deeply with the city.  

What SAA-uk means to Barbara:

“When I think about SAA-uk, I think of something that's very welcoming - it's an organisation that has a face and a soul. I always see people coming back, people who experienced this space in whatever way– it keeps that positive feeling of community and togetherness, that to me is the “thing” about SAA-uk that keeps people coming back. It's very rooted and because of that, it grounds me.

Nothing could be more different from what SAA-uk is, it's a window into a world that means different things for different people. It's a world I'm still 100% discovering because it contains so many differently elements, giving you something new to constantly aspire to, and to connect with other people.”

In Barbara's spare time…

Barbara's curiosity always has her exploring different things, but she has always had a passion for music, and has more recently revisited her guitar playing skills! Barbara sees music as a way to connect with others; a ‘communal hobby' that's a part of being with family. Barbara also enjoys drawing, painting, different forms of visual art, as well as watching movies and TV shows.


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