Concerts - Sarod: Indian Lute ft Debasmita Bhattacharya

Featuring: Debasmita Bhattacharya - Sarod
Gurdain Rayatt - Tabla

Debasmita Bhattacharya’s opening Alaap immediately captures the audience, as Gurdain Rayatt closes his eyes and sways his head; everyone in the room is in silence and relaxes into Bhattacharya’s first notes, casting a calm spell over the room. The Sarod’s metallic neck begins to cast beams of lilac light refracting across the room and lighting the faces of the audience. Rayatt is visibly touched and immediately in unison with Bhattacharya’s connection to her music throughout the evening, and demonstrates his outstanding talent and skill as both accompaniment and solo musician. When offered to take a solo, there is some modest to-and-fro-ing between the two musicians before Rayatt agrees to offer a brief but remarkable solo of 15 minutes, two thirds through the evening.

The synergy between Bhattacharya and Rayatt was impalpable throughout the evening; the way the artists played together was wholeheartedly assured, both playfully and inextricably tight. To announce the end of their performance, Debasmita introduces her exploration of Raag Pahadi. Overtaken by her urge to sing, the artist picks up the microphone and releases her voice to the room. Her voice is gentle, soft and driven by impulse and her love for the raag. 

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"Excellent solo performances & duet – lovely chilled out Friday." 

"Really lovely music & great to see such talented young performers!"

"Amazing music – good vibes."

 (Audience members)