Artist - Devika Rao

Bringing Indian Classical dance and folk theatre to life in Yorkshire, Devika Rao is a rising star who has worked tirelessly to bring Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi and Yakshagana through her many performances, school and adult workshops, teaching and choreography.
Having formally trained in India under internationally renowned performance artists, such as Professor C V Chandrashekar, Vyjayanthi Kashi and Chandrashekar Navada, Devika dedicates her time and love of dance to working as a freelance artist with renowned organisations delivering a wide range of projects throughout the UK.
Recently Devika has been involved in a number projects including the exciting new work
The Story Retold - telling the story of Diwali through voice and dance
Initium - the contemporary dance spectacle touring the nation
Devika also commits to teaching weekly classes for dance enthusiasts in Yorkshire [SAA-UK] of all ages encouraging their development, performance experience and exposure to both traditional and contemporary forms of Indian classical dance.
Devika's workshop includes all these art forms and also famous folk dances of India such as Kolata [stick dace],Veeragase[ worrier dance] Farmers dance , gypsy [story teller dance] ,garba [clapping dance ] and bollywood


South Indian Classical Dance, Folk Dance, Bollywood Dance


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